Favorite 90s Toys That You Can Still Buy

Let me guess, you missed the 90s too, right? Now I want to take you on a journey to some of your memories. I'm sure you were unaware that some of them are still for sale.

So let's start!

1-) Water Ring Toss Game

You can get it here!

A real mobile game console that will never need a battery :)

2-) Slinky

You can get it here!

We would join our hands and watch it flow from right to left and then from left to left again.

3-) Yo-Yo

You can get it here!

We are experienced enough now to prevent the ropes from getting tangled.

4-) Walkie Talkie

Let's be detectives or cops in the house again!

5-) Mini Car Carpet

You can get it here!

This city would look so big to us.

6-) Ring Water Gun

You can get it here!

We learned what bad jokes meant from her.

7-) Wooden Spinner

You can get it here!

That explains why we play so good with beyblade.

8-) Sticky Hands

You can get it here!

I admit, it was a little difficult to remember that. Because it would wear out quickly and be thrown away.

9-) Tetris

You can get it here!

I know it's the worst on the list but it wouldn't be complete without it. will live forever!

10-) Furby

You can get it here!

If we are on good terms with our cat today, thanks to Furby.

11-) Troll Dolls

You can get it here!

The video game was so good, a keychain has never looked so good.

12-) Power Rangers

We missed them so much.

13-) Children's Wrist Watch

You can get it here!

We haven't forgotten our first wristwatch.

14-) Tamagotchi

She is our first baby. Do you know that many adults still play with it?

15-) Retro Video Game Console

You can get it here!

Surprising but still millions of people gather in tournaments every year!