10 Best Budget 3D Printers for Beginners in 2021

Are you curious about the funniest form of technology? You will learn everything about 3D printers! It has started to be used in many areas ranging from gift items to prostheses, and the areas where it is used are increasing. We will take a close look at these.

In this article, you will get to know more about 3D printers that have just entered our lives, learn what works and where they are used, and get detailed information about their prices. "What is a 3D printer?" let's take a look!

What is 3D Printer?

3D printers enable printing any object designed in a computer environment in solid form in 3D. You are guessing its advantages, it is possible to get faster, higher quality results than old print methods with 3d printers.

The first 3D printer was produced in 1984 by Chuck Hull of 3D Systems. Although the 3D printer dates back to 1980, it did not become popular enough until 2010. However, by 2010; It can be said that it started to attract the attention of managers from all fields. In addition, it has become possible to see only companies that manufacture in 3d printing areas in technology development bases. So 2020? We ll see together!

What Can You Do at Home with Your 3D Printer?

You may have trouble believing what I have to say, but there is almost no limit to what you can do with a 3d printer at home! When people think of the 3D printer that comes to mind first; souvenirs.

Now I'm starting to line up, make sure you take your breath enough! A case for your phone, frames for your photos, hangers, shelves, holders, boxes, figurines, creative designs; for example, a tiny box for your headset or a spring for your cables. I'm tired of counting ohh. Exciting 3D printers is not a waste.

What You Can Do with 3D Printers

Let's take a closer look at the capabilities of 3D printers;

Medical: In the medical field, 3D printers have become more prominent with limb prostheses. With 3D printers, patients can be taken in various anatomical prints. Here is a shocking fact; In the Netherlands, part of a teenager's skull was modeled with 3D Printers. 3D printers seem to surprise us in the future.

Wearable Technology and Textile: 3D printers are also very popular in wearable technology and textile industry. In fact, it is on the way to be the favorite of many sportswear brands. Famous sports brands make various parts of sports shoes in 3D printers.

Home: You are not reading it wrong. It is now possible to build a house with 3D printers. In China, the company called WinSun makes 10 houses with a 3D printer, worth $ 5,000 each day.

There's more to do with 3D Printers!

Gift Items: Did you know that you can prepare whatever you can think of as a gift such as trinkets, keychains that you can think of from your own miniature with 3D printers?

Space Research: The materials that astronauts can use in space missions can be obtained with a special 3D printer.

Home Decoration: Now I just want you to imagine. You want to make stylish and unique designs for your home because you are bored with the same models. What if you have a 3D printer in your home and get your own designs here? Yes, I think it's a great idea. Come on vases, tables, libraries...

We have listed 10 best budget 3d printers for beginners that you can buy in 2021 for the best budget! 

1-) NANO Mini

2-) X5SA PRO

3-) SIMAX Mi-M200

4-) Twotrees TMC2208

5-) Anet A8

6-) Easythreed X3

7-) Easythreed X1

8-) Prusa i3

9-) Creality Ender 3