What is a Kalimba? Top 5 Best Kalimba Options!

Kalimba or Mbira, a percussion instrument based on very simple principles. Easy to play, small and portable, cute appearance distinguish it from all other instruments. Also the sounds it makes are very good for the soul.

Kalimba can be produced handmade or fabricated. The fact that it has received great attention around the world in recent years may have caused us to see it in more different types. So much so that we are now in a position to reach many varieties both in terms of design and number of keys.

So which kalimba would you like to be yours? Do you care about design or difficulty? Or is it more important to carry easily? Let's see!

1-) Classic: 17 Key Kalimba

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Musicians prefer the kalimba to be wooden, for a good sound. Also Since a 17-key kalimba is one of the most preferred, you can easily find notes for the song you want on the web.

2-) 21 Key Kalimba

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If you want smoother passing in sound, you can choose kalimba with a little more number of keys. Remember, you can use it like a 17 key kalimba.

3-) Mini Kalimba

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Do you want your Kalimba to be with you anytime, anywhere? Then we have found the right choice for you.

4-) Crystal Kalimba

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Admittedly, he may be the cutest instrument in the world. Pretty remarkable.

5-) DIY

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Do you want to make the kalimba yourself? Don't worry, it's very simple and fun.


You can get it here!

You should try not to forget your kalimba somewhere. otherwise you may have to tune every time. How about you find a stylish place for it? it will love this.