What is VPS? What does VPS do?

On this website, I share not only telecom or home technologies, but also the web and many other technologies; I want to convey larger technical details related to web technologies.

Our technical topic this time will be related to Virtual Private Servers. If you have more than one site, using shared hosting is not a smart move in this period.

It has become quite easy to find virtual servers that are more than performance with reseller hosting for almost reseller price. If you wish, let's give some technical information about these virtual servers.

What is VPS?

We set up websites for various purposes; When we work with multiple sites, we need to purchase a hosting for each site over time, or we can host multiple sites in the same account by purchasing the hosting system called reseller.

This has its disadvantages, of course, since the biggest disadvantage is that our sites are on a shared server, it is housed in a domain that has the same server and the same IP address as hundreds of different sites like us.

You Must Have Your Own Server

Imagine that your site is on the same rope as an adult site or a spammy site, which is a very bad situation for a site that is trying to get out on top in Google and doing SEO work.

If you do not want this to happen, that is, if you want your sites to be kept in a private virtual server with your own IP address, you will need to rent a virtual server as I do. All you need to keep your sites on a single server with your unique IP address.

What is VPS actually?

Multiple virtual computers built on hardware with huge processor, memory and disk capacity are limited as processor, memory and disk capacity within the packages and leased to people and companies for a fee, and this virtual computer, Virtual Private Server, belongs to you during the rental period.

VPS do not work like shared hosting systems. Each VPS has an IP address specifically assigned to it. During the lease, a VPS server is yours but it is leased to you at your IP address. You will have a server of your own and you will have a server with many times the performance compared to other shared hosting.

After making a detailed introduction about VPS, let's say where and how we can get this VPS.

Where to Buy VPS?  How to Get the Cheapest and Most Performing VPS?

There are numerous hosting companies in the world that sell and rent VP servers, which means that it is not difficult to find. But the important thing is to get the best VPS for the cheapest, based on price and performance.

In my opinion I list the best VPS vendors below;

- Router Hosting
- Hostinger
- Contabo

I will also introduce to you the Best 10 VPS providers in the next posts and we will go into more details about VPS.