What is Hosting? How to Choose? Where to Buy Hosting?

Regardless of the purpose of purchase, in order to load the web pages you have prepared for your purchased domain, in other words, the pages you have prepared must be loaded in order to display the pages you have prepared when people type your website name in the address bar of the browser.

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Hosting is the space required to host your website on the internet. It is also important to know the difference of hosting and domains to better understand what hosting is. So, what's the difference between hosting and domain?
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What is VPS? What does VPS do?
What is Hosting and Domain Difference?

Hosting service should not be confused with domain service. Customers who purchase domains will only purchase the internet address for their website. But hosting represents the space occupied by all the content that the website has. In other words, a customer who buys hosting service will buy a disk space from the internet.

How Web Hosting Works?

When you want to create a new website, you need to find a hosting company that can provide you with server space. Your web hosting provider stores all your documents, content and databases on the server.

Whenever a user type in and enter your domain name in the browser's address bar, your host provider transfers the files needed to fulfill the request.

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What Should be Considered While Buying Hosting Service?

* Selection should be made according to the purpose of the website to be installed.

* The data transfer limit is consumed from this limit as your page is shown and even more pages are visited. Therefore, you should pay attention to the transfer limit provided to you.

* It is also important that the hosting providers are reliable, institutional and expert people. In this way, you can get a higher quality service.

* The backup system is one of the most important factors to be considered. It may not be clear when and how the electronic devices will fail, so it is very important to make a backup.

* It is also important in which country your hosting provider is located. If you are targeting USA, having your provider in USA will serve you faster than it is.

Having different types and sizes of websites naturally led to different types of hosting services. So, what are these types of hosting?

What are Types of Hosting?

Shared Web Hosting, VPS, Cloud Hosting and Cloud Servers, and Dedicated Server are the main types of hosting.

Shared Web Hosting: This type of hosting is the most common type of hosting, and is most preferred by those who are new to this area or are not very professional. As the name suggests, this type of hosting works by sharing the same server by multiple users.

VPS: High capacity sites or users with multiple websites prefer this server. VPS service does not cost as much as a rented server, but it is higher than shared hosting. Depending on the website size, the VPS server can be rented to two or more users.

Cloud Hosting and Cloud Servers: This technology, which has just entered the world of hosting, can access VPS capacity and provides uninterrupted hosting service by connecting to several servers at the same time.

Dedicated Server: It is the top model hosting type. This hosting, which is set up only for the website owner, can only be used by the website owner.

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Why Do We Prefer Hosting Service?

Websites created can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world if certain restrictions are not imposed. In order to be able to access your website anytime and anywhere, there is a need for a server that must be constantly on.

These servers, which are set up and arranged differently from your home computers, are also connected to the Internet with much higher connection speeds than the connection speed you use at home. The servers prepared for this purpose are called web servers.

The servers prepared for the purpose of the web server were created for your website to be broadcast and accessible from all over the world for 7 days and 24 hours.

Important points for you in hosting processes are:

* Speed
* Size of space to be given to you for your site (MB)
* Supported programs and general features

Let's explain them one by one in order of importance;


The loading speed of the pages of your site is an important factor here. There are two important reasons why the visited sites come slowly or not. The first is the reason that the computer you connect to the internet does not have enough disruption. The second is the reasons that arise from the hosting server.

If the server you are hosting has low internet output or provides hosting services over its capacity, naturally, the loading speed of your pages will be slow. I would also like to remind you that the speed issue is related to the size of your pages and the programs they are preparing.

Because some sites are prepared with flash and animation programs. This situation causes flash sites to open slower than sites prepared in HTML format.

Area Size to Give

If we take a look at other items; The size of the area you will be given (how many megabytes) varies according to the fee. You will demand hosting space as much as the required area for your site according to your subject.

If you think of a large and high-content site, the size of the area to be given to your site should also be large. The area to be given is important in two aspects; The first one is in terms of the size of the site to be prepared, as we said before, and the second one is in terms of e-mails.

Because it shares the same area in the e-mails given with the design. If the given hosting space is small, problems may occur in mail traffic after a certain period of time.

Server Support

Another important point in web hosting is the support of the server you rent and the program and database you use. Nowadays, the websites perform different functions (such as job application forms, request forms, sales by credit card) thanks to the dynamic forms prepared in addition to the promotion.

The preparation of such forms is done with special programming languages ​​(such as ASP, PHP, SQL). For example, in order for an ASP-supported site to work, programs that support forms made with ASP must be installed on the server side of the site.

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To summarize, the service you need to publish a website and be active on the online platform is called web hosting. Obviously, having a website gives you a huge advantage by allowing you to reach millions of people from all over the world.

A good, reliable and expert web host service helps you to present your website on the internet without errors, providing your visitors with a seamless user experience and attracting as many visitors as possible to your website.

Thank for your reading!