What is Bitcoin? Fast Guide for Beginners!

We are beginning to talk about bitcoin, which will take up an enormous space in our lives  in the near future. 

Because everything in life is on this blog! For those wondering about the crypto currencies, I wanted to lay the groundwork in their minds. a new series is coming! So let's start!

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What is bitcoin?  What is not it?  What are the advantages? 

1-) It's a digital currency. There is no material / physical opposition, gold and silver etc. as.

2-) Bitcoin is a network interaction. There is no center. It provides A to B  digital money transfer.

3-) It can be transferred from any internet point to any internet point.

4-) The Bitcoin Stock Exchange does not stop on weekends or holiday days, it always works 7/24 365 days.

5-) Has no broker. Costs are very low because there is no mediator. Only the minors who approve the transfer transaction are paid in very small amounts.

6-) Bitcoin is written in open source and open to everyone. Everyone who owns the system owns it.

7-) It is used in all countries and your offline account can not be intervened. In this respect it can be said that Swiss banks are more secure.

8-) There are no limiters, such as conditions of use, limitation contracts or terms, Bitcoins are produced by mining equipment.

9-) The bitcoins to be produced have a certain number limit. A total of 21 million units will be produced.

10-) To control production speed and inflation, the "level of difficulty" increases day by day within specific protocols. These levels are determined by the density of production on the network.

11-) Every user has a digital wallet. You keep your bitcoins in these wallets.

12-) Your Bitcoin transfers are signed with a unique signature, which in turn is checked by miners for correctness and uniqueness. So the same bitcoin can not be used a second time.

13-) With Bitcoin, you will not pay any extra to sell your product. No prerequisites are required from you.

14-) Bitcoin can be converted into many currencies like USD and EURO. (The sites that do this are commissioned).

15-) With Qr code applications you can easily make mobile payments.