What is Altcoin? Fast Guide for Beginners!

We are beginning to talk about altcoin, which will take up an enormous space in our lives  in the near future. 

Because everything in life is on this blog! For those wondering about the crypto currencies, I wanted to lay the groundwork in their minds. a new series is coming! So let's start!
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What is altcoin?  What is not it?  What are the advantages?  How to use?

1-) It's a digital currency. There is no material / physical opposition, gold and silver etc. as.

2-) All other crypto parables except Bitcoin are generic names.

3-) "Altcoin" means alternative coin.

4-) For now the top 5 most valuable altcoins are; Ethereum(ETH), Ripple(XRP), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), EOS, Stellar Lumens(XLM).

5-) Some can be earned by mining, or some can only be bought by crypto exchanges.

6-) It can be thought that they have emerged to overcome the disadvantages of bitcoin.

7-) Altcoins can have very different properties from each other.

8-) Day after day a large number of altcoins  are driven into the market or withdrawn from the market. The competition between altcoins is very high.

9-) Most of the altcoins have a much faster processing time than the bitcoin. They can be sent much faster or given.

10-) There are many risks involved in investing in altcoins. Some altcoins have seen price changes of up to 3000% within a few days.

11-) All altcoins does not appear on every crypto exchange websites.

12-) most preferred altcoin algorithms; SHA-256, SCRYPT, Keccak,  Quark, Ipo / Shares.

13-) The first altcoin was Namecoin and appeared in 2011. The aim is to make domain and name registrations independent from central control.

14-) Altcoins can be converted into many currencies like USD and EURO. (The sites that do this are commissioned).

15-) With Qr code applications you can easily make mobile payments.

16-) Every user has a digital wallet. You keep your altcoins in these wallets or wallets that belong  excehanges.