Huawei Watch GT 2, There it is!

Whoa! Do you realize you're doing it? What does battery life last for up to 15 days? 15 whole days? Sony SmartWatch 2, I remember the days; I would charge twice a day. I think we're getting old man.

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I'll write the damn technical features anyway, but please let me pass on my excitement. also I am very bored reading those features. Don't you think it's boring? Here we go; Huawei Watch GT 2!

I've already fallen in love when I heard the long battery life, now you dont believe what I'm saying, i know!

The next bomb; Huawei Watch GT 2's storage for up to 500 songs! The mp3 players and disc players that we used in the past came to mind again. I'm having a bad day! Huawei you shouldn't have done that!

You can answer calls over the Huawei Watch GT 2. We all knew it would happen sooner or later, but let's think of a watch integrated with your headset. Isn't it amazing?

I can say that sleep monitoring works perfectly and I don't need to say that it has a 7/24 rhythm measurement feature.

battery life, buyers guide, guide, how to, huawei, review, reviews, tech, watch, watches, wearables, what, where,
you can sleep like a cat  with Huawei Watch GT 2

Swimming measuring feature and built-in GPS. Those suspected of being deceived will no longer need spyware. Give your Huawei Watch GT 2 to your sweetheart for a day! Make a profit!

What exactly is the Huawei Watch GT 2? Where to buy? How is the performance? 

I bought one for you. I will tell you all the features of this amazing of "Huawei Watch GT 2" by box openning. Don't worry it won't be too late.

So after all these great features, you will ask me; Isn't there something you don't like?

Yes. definitely yes. It took me 2 days to fully use the screen face and to understand the response times! I found it very weak the interface.

Who should buy the Huawei Watch GT 2? Who is the "Huawei Watch GT 2" designed for?

There are many people bored with boring absurd designs interested in the world of smart watch. "Huawei Watch GT 2"  this is a smartwatch that is offered for these people . Yes, I think the apple and sony in the case of the smartwatch design is like f*cked up! Yeah!

When I first saw Huawei Watch GT 2, I noticed the case with soft lines and I said; That's it, man.

Huawei Watch GT 2 is definitely the most unisex smart watch ever designed. As I write this article right now I took it out of my arm and put it in front of my screen. I'm even happy to see you and I want to look at every moment.

So, Is possible Huawei Watch GT 2 vs the Apple Watch or Garmin watches?

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After the stylish design and prominent features in everyone's minds a comparison table, but this is wrong.

You ask why?

Because we are talking about styles that appeal to different users. The Huawei Watch GT 2 doesn't have a camera and yet there is no clear experience of its durability. However, it is not possible to install any external software for the Huawei Watch GT 2, and at least for the time being.

Do you understand now? Why unbeatable? Because Huawei Watch GT 2 is a watch that creates its own style. I need to say that I should say; the battery time of any watch other than itself is not so long!

How is the comfort of "Huawei Watch GT 2"?

The 46mm dial is absolutely hearty. For Huawei Watch GT 2, i can say absolutely light. I'm wearing a black strap and a black case and it looks like it won't hurt my wrist at all.

The speaker and volume were much better than I expected. you can make calls in an open and crowded area. Of course, talking in a crowded place with the clock will attract attention.

I have bad news, unfortunately you can not reply sms with Huawei Watch GT 2. I remember, I used my sony smartwatch 2 watch very often for very, very demanding meetings.

So you are wondering, Why did I buy Huawei Watch GT 2?

It looks pretty stylish to me, the battery life is measured in weeks, even if I use all the features, I will not worry about the battery, while doing sports aside phone, listen to music as I want now. for these reasons, I chose Huawei Watch GT 2.

Now we can go to that boring part, technical information of Huawei Watch GT 2  that is I always say; user experiences are more valuable than all specs.

"Huawei Watch GT 2" makes life easier for you with many sensors. It differs from other watches by providing comfort and elegance.
Great battery life
Looks gorgeous
Sharp AMOLED display
Much improved performance over last year
Limited third-party app support with Huawei Health
Large footprint on wrist
No Qi charging
No NFC outside of China
Limited software functionality

That's it, my friends. I hope the information I provided has been helpful. Thank you for reading.