Corona Effect on Technology Market

The virus spread from China caused great pain to humanity in 2020, still continues to give. Thousands died in Italy because of this corona virus.


Curfew has been declared in many countries. Many cities were quarantined. Of course, the effects of this were inevitable. many people lost their jobs. Many are about to lose their income. Some continue to work from home.
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What about our topic? Technology market. In this article, we will examine the effect of corona virus on technology market. While doing this, we will use a very simple tool, google trends. I guarantee that you will be surprised by what you will see.

Let me explain our method. We carried out a simple logic; the question is; What does a person who lives at home need and what does not he need? I think I can start giving examples.

If you clicked home, playing game can be the best way to spend time. Corona may have brought many old players back online. We'll see.


Let's move on to the other example; Are you aware, people on social media are offering movie suggestions to each other, while under quarantine. It is not absurd to expect this to affect something.

People can't go out, they can't make vacation plans and travel plans; so how do you think the status of online ticket sites? If we continue with the same example; they can't go anywhere for shopping, most of the stores are closed.

Corona affected everything. our lifestyle, our relationships and many more. many more will not be as before.

Let's move on to concrete data!

1-) Online Movie Platforms: Netflix

One of the biggest parts of life at home is movies, TV series. Let's look at a Netflix, so what has it been like in recent weeks?

netflix trend
Netflix Trends
As you know, corona virus cases have been rising in USA for the last 30 days. For 30 days, Netflix is being searched more every day. It has progressed from 75 points to 100 points, so the search frequency has increased 33 percent in the last 30 days. our estimates have been confirmed.

2-) China Based Technology Shopping Sites: Gearbest

Is everything going well for alibaba, gearbest, bangood? alibaba and Jack Ma; We can say that the corona virus process has successfully survived by making explanations and trying to stay on the agenda every day, but this is not the case for others.

gearbest trends
Gearbest Trends
According to the 90-day train, the frequency of search has been halved as of today. I don't know when it will be the same.

3-) Game Platforms: Steam

As I said before, corona created a serious time for gamers. How do you think steam was affected?

steam trends
Steam Trends
As you can see, steam has reached the peak of the last 30 days, its search frequency has increased by 33 percent. Moreover, steam continues many campaigns to turn this situation into an opportunity.

4-) Various Medical Technology Devices: Thermometer

The thermometer may be a small example.

devices trends
Medical Device Trends
As you can see, this little gadget is now at the peak of the last 1 year. As you know, the biggest symptom of corona is said to be an increase in body temperature.

5-) Navigation Applications: Google Maps

Can you tell me at a time when everyone starts living at home and who needs it?

google maps trends
Google Maps Trends
It came to my mind to question the status of the navigation applications. Yes there is a serious drop in the trend line. this means a decrease, this collapse.

6-) Online Shopping

The inability of people to go out and do shopping would create an explosion in online shopping. This was expected.

online shopping trends
Online Shopping Trends
In the last 90 days, online shopping in America has increased 100 percent. and I think it will continue to increase.


Just as the corona virus outbreak affected everything, it hit the technology market. After this epidemic, companies switched to online systems, if any; they will try to strengthen their online systems.

I think there will be a serious recovery for the IT industry. Remember, we will win together. just a little patience.