10 Best Free Remote Desktop Tools!

As you know, 2020's days are not good at all. many people had to work from home because of the corona virus. Many employees  are working remotely by accessing their computers in the office as they cannot carry a giant workstation to home.


I'm sure these people working remotely are fighting a lot of problems. firstly, license problems or finding a better remote access program is just one of them.Now it's time to help you, I've reviewed the best remote access programs and listed them for you. I hope it will be useful to you.

1-) TeamViewer

Teamviewer supports Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and Linux. Free for personal use, Teamviewer stands out as one of the most popular remote desktop programs.


Teamviewer is a very useful program with its features that wake a computer that is in sleep mode other than remote management and then put it back to sleep mode, file sending features, support connecting from mobile devices to the computer and allowing more than one person to connect to the same computer at the same time.

In addition to these important features, Teamviewer is a program that is very easy to set up and use, and it is also very simple to set up a firewall.

2-) AnyDesk

A nice remote desktop connection program. It works at least as fast as teamviewer, but if it is not run as an administrator, the person connected remotely cannot perform many mouse-keyboard movements. You can copy a file like teamviewer from your own computer and paste it to the remote computer. you don't have to deal with file manager interfaces.


Also, there is no license limit for this program. I have been using it for months. I have connected to hundreds of computers and the message "Stop, what are you doing?" has not come yet.

3-) Ammyy Admin

It is among the best remote desktop programs that have been increasing in use in recent years. It attracts attention with its simple user interface and functionality. Ammy Admin creates a hardware-based ID and connects serially to computers. 

Ammy Admin, which can be a good alternative to the Teamviewer program, can be installed as a service if you want, and thanks to a special password you set, it is possible to access this computer you have set up remotely without the need for confirmation.

The negative sides of the program are: there is no chat feature in many other programs. Currently it only supports Windows, so there is no support for Mac OS X, Android, iPhone and iPad.

Ammy Admin is completely free for non-commercial personal use.

4-) Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop supports Windows and OS X. To use this application, which is completely free for personal and corporate use, all you have to do is install the application on the Chrome browser.

Perhaps the only problem with the program is that you have to log in to Chrome. But other than that, we can say it is perfect. Easy to use and install, it works very quickly via the browser.

chrome remote tool

Although it does not include features such as file sharing or video sharing over LAN, we recommend you to try Chome Reemote Desktop if you want to do a small operation on yourself or someone else's computer.

5-) Splashtop

Splashtop supports Windows, OS X, Linux Android and IOS like Teamviewer, and this program is free to use (up to five computers only).

The best part of Splashtop is that it can play audio and video files without much delay. Splashtop is an excellent option if you want to watch a movie on your home computer without compatibility issues.


The bad thing about Splashtop is that if you really want to use the program for remote desktop purposes, you need to pay 2 dollars a month.

However, when you pay this money, you can benefit from all the blessings of the program. It can also mess you up a bit during installation. However, if your aim is to watch movies remotely, we strongly recommend you to try this program.

6-) VNC

We can compare VNC or Virtual Network Computing to a platform rather than a program. It is possible to transfer files and many other operations with VNC, which sends keyboard and mouse signals to the computer using the existing protocols. One of the nice things about VNC is that it is compatible with every operating system. If you know what you are doing and set up correctly, you can use VNC on every mobile and desktop operating system.


Another nice feature of VNC is that it does not require client and server matching. In other words, when you install VNC server on your home computer, you can easily enter and process from your phone.

Setting up VNC is not difficult, but it can create some minor problems. Although RealVNC is the official software provider, you can also use TightVNC or UltraVNC.

7-) Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDC) / Apple Remote Desktop

Microsoft's RDC protocol and Apple's remote desktop program are embedded within their operating systems. These programs, which allow the user to connect to the system and troubleshoot problems, allow you to do the operations without installing a different program.

While it is very simple to use Microsoft's program over the LAN, when it comes to using the internet, you may need to forward port and change some security settings for your own benefit.


In contrast, Apple's remote management program is a bit more complicated. The program empowers the user to do everything, including updates, rather than just remotely administer.

Let's say that the Apple one is $ 80, and the Microsoft one is free.

The good thing about the programs is that they are easy to install and there are programs embedded in the system, so you can use them easily after performing the installation once.

8-) LogMeIn

LogMeIn Ignition is a portable remote desktop program designed specifically for remote access to the computer in your LogMeIn account and can be run directly from Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android-based devices.

log me in

Since LogMeIn Ignition works with your account, you can access the list of all computers defined in your account as soon as you log in and connect with a single click.

9-) Nomachine 

Nomachine is a free remote desktop program that allows you to securely connect to a remote computer and take any action on the screen.

Thanks to the NX protocol developed by Nomachine, it offers high security and video performance (especially the HD video opened on the opposite computer can be watched without getting stuck).


The fact that it can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (Redhat, Suse, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu) based computers is an important advantage for corporate companies using different platforms. On the other hand, the program, which can record the screen image of the remote computer as a video, offers advanced possibilities such as connecting USB devices to the remote computer as well as sharing the disk and printer.

10-) Alpemix

Alpemix is ​​an easy-to-use and effective remote desktop connection program that allows you to connect to a remote computer and run your business as if you were at your computer.

Alpemix offers its users much more than just connecting to a remote computer: High-level security, contact list creation, file transfer, instant messaging, voice calls, and professional settings at work, thanks to the ability to connect to a computer behind the firewall without any special settings. available.

You can easily solve the problems of your customers who have problems with their computers by connecting to the computers of your relatives with Alpemix from your own machine.

Alpemix's communication tools such as voice calls and messaging make it easy for companies to work together on different topics, and you can even conduct presentations and meetings through Alpemix.

So, Let's Work! Thanks for your reading!